First Class of 2008 Completed

Among the many things I offer as a personal chef, I also offer cooking classes and yesterday I completed my first class of 2008. It was a two-part basic vegetarian cooking course, the first week concentrating on lacto-ovo cooking and the second week concentrating on vegan cooking, including a raw dish.

Although, not a vegetarian – more of a flexitarian, after spending the last several weeks focusing on vegetarianism, I have a new found zeal to incorporate more of the healthy benefits of whole foods, whole grains and nutritional supplements to my diet. I can be really good about what I eat and cooking for myself, but lately have been so overwhelmed with life I have fallen into the habit of eating poorly. I know we all get there, but now I am feeling the physical effects of not eating well and ready for a change.

 But I am digressing, the class went really well. Classes are a lot of work and after teaching every two-hour class, I really appreciate teachers and professors who do it for six to eight hours a day – every day! I learn so much when I teach a class, whether it is when I am prepping for the class or from the students themselves. It is a very rewarding experience. The day of the class, while I am running around shopping for supplies and prepping the ingredients, I usually say to myself “why do I do this?”. Then after class is finished I remember why I do it. I really enjoy it and I get so much from it.

 One of the dishes we prepared last night was an East African Curry. This is a dish I created inspired by my beloved East African, using ingredients indeginous to the region and readily avaialble here.

I have 2 more classes coming up this spring: Cooking with Wine, this hands-on class is May 7 (7 – 9pm) and Introduction to Mexican Cooking, a demonstration style class on May 19 (7 – 8:30pm). Both of these classes are offered through Delta Township (



Hello world!

Welcome to Jen’s second blog. People are always asking me if I enjoy what I do. Each day offers a new set of challenges, whether it is planning meals for a family with special dietary needs or planning meals with in-season produce, no two days are the same. I love cooking and really enjoy sharing what I do with others. I am hoping to share what my days are like and what it is like to be a personal chef. I hope to bring my camera with me on occasion to give some visual representation of my day as well. I welcome any questions and/or suggestions.