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Where to Eat??

The last few weeks have been fairly gluten-free. I have felt pretty good and seem to mostly eat products with gluten over the weekend. I think it is partly that my weekends are less structured. It is easy to pack a lunch and plan dinner as part of my weekly routine. But weekends tend to be more laid back, groceries are slim by the end of the week and my husband and I usually eat out more on weekends.

That brings me to my question: Where do celiac eat when looking for a quick fast-casual meal? My husband and I prefer the deli style restaurants to a traditional chain fast food restaurant, but it is hard. We grab Asian food (I know soy sauce can contain gluten). I am a bit of a salad snob, so I don’t enjoy the iceberg lettuce salads you usually receive at these types of restaurants and from what I can tell are my only option.

Most sandwich shops are a no-no if I’m trying to be good. I did find gluten-free pizza at Guido’s in Okemos. It was fairly good, it is definitely made with rice flour and has the gummy consistency that I associate with it. I’m still adjusting to the taste difference in gluten-free bread products. But there has to be more alternatives? What am I missing? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Take Two

So after my mid-July birthday, I went gluten free and sugar free. It wasn’t hard, I know from a culinary standpoint what to do, it just takes planning and pre-thought for our meals. I am great at this for my clients but for some reason I am horrible about for myself. My amazing husband is a great cook and shopper, but he needs inspiration from me or else we get meat and starch – veggies are only an afterthought for him.

{Let me explain my definition of sugar-free. To me, for this phase of my wellness experiment, it means cutting out items with refined white sugar – desserts, soda and the like. I’m not cutting out items like fruit, yogurt and wine, which I know have sugar.}

So the first few days weren’t too bad. I struggled with what to eat for breakfast, had a salad for lunch, fruit and yogurt where needed as snacks and dinner usually consisted of meat and vegetable with rice or lentils. I craved sweets, but avoided them completely. At the end of the first week, I didn’t feel any different but no longer cared about sweets. I had attended several events that I either didn’t eat at or brought dishes I knew I could eat while there. It wasn’t hard and I was successful – better than I thought I could be.

By the 9th day of my experiment I started feeling better. I had energy and was working out regularly. I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t mention it to anyone until the 12th day. But I really felt great! However, at the end of July I attended, as I do every year, the Munger Potato Festival. This is a weekend where I get together with my old college roommates, laugh a lot, eat and drink too much and really recharge my soul. Most people have never heard of Munger (pop. 1,500). It sits about 5 miles south of the Saginaw Bay, just east of Bay City.  The annual festival brings thousands and consists mainly of fried food and beer. I tried to be good and brought gluten-free bread for breakfast and rice crackers and fruit for snacks. But overall I was pretty naughty.

Monday came and I was back home and back at it again. I was back to eating better and I felt pretty good overall. Over the next few weeks, it was a slow transgression back to my old habits. It started with an occasional regular bread sandwich when I was out of my GF bread or a cookie when visiting a friend. I slowly started feeling more tired and didn’t work out as much. I wasn’t planning as well and my husband is still having a hard time wrapping his brain around what I can and can not eat. So eventually we get ourselves to this week when my bones ache again and I am eating so much junk I feel miserable.

Today is the beginning of a new day – I feel lousy and am ready to feel better. I am gluten-free and sugar-free again!