Take Two

So after my mid-July birthday, I went gluten free and sugar free. It wasn’t hard, I know from a culinary standpoint what to do, it just takes planning and pre-thought for our meals. I am great at this for my clients but for some reason I am horrible about for myself. My amazing husband is a great cook and shopper, but he needs inspiration from me or else we get meat and starch – veggies are only an afterthought for him.

{Let me explain my definition of sugar-free. To me, for this phase of my wellness experiment, it means cutting out items with refined white sugar – desserts, soda and the like. I’m not cutting out items like fruit, yogurt and wine, which I know have sugar.}

So the first few days weren’t too bad. I struggled with what to eat for breakfast, had a salad for lunch, fruit and yogurt where needed as snacks and dinner usually consisted of meat and vegetable with rice or lentils. I craved sweets, but avoided them completely. At the end of the first week, I didn’t feel any different but no longer cared about sweets. I had attended several events that I either didn’t eat at or brought dishes I knew I could eat while there. It wasn’t hard and I was successful – better than I thought I could be.

By the 9th day of my experiment I started feeling better. I had energy and was working out regularly. I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t mention it to anyone until the 12th day. But I really felt great! However, at the end of July I attended, as I do every year, the Munger Potato Festival. This is a weekend where I get together with my old college roommates, laugh a lot, eat and drink too much and really recharge my soul. Most people have never heard of Munger (pop. 1,500). It sits about 5 miles south of the Saginaw Bay, just east of Bay City.  The annual festival brings thousands and consists mainly of fried food and beer. I tried to be good and brought gluten-free bread for breakfast and rice crackers and fruit for snacks. But overall I was pretty naughty.

Monday came and I was back home and back at it again. I was back to eating better and I felt pretty good overall. Over the next few weeks, it was a slow transgression back to my old habits. It started with an occasional regular bread sandwich when I was out of my GF bread or a cookie when visiting a friend. I slowly started feeling more tired and didn’t work out as much. I wasn’t planning as well and my husband is still having a hard time wrapping his brain around what I can and can not eat. So eventually we get ourselves to this week when my bones ache again and I am eating so much junk I feel miserable.

Today is the beginning of a new day – I feel lousy and am ready to feel better. I am gluten-free and sugar-free again!


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